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Connecticut College COVID-19 Archive

Documenting the Camel Experience

Quarantine Funtimes

Quarantine fun times.pdf


Quarantine Funtimes


The fall of 2019 was my first semester at Connecticut College. That means that I, like most other college students, had to finish my first spring semester of college from my medium sized room in my family's apartment in Boston.
From here, I did the best I could to maintain a certain level of normalcy, productivity and sanity. As you will see, that did not always go as planned.
I did a lot of personal writing while in quarantine but this specific piece was originally intended to be part of the Connecticut College Archives, as a kind of way to historasize my experience for generations to come. I thought that was pretty cool, but in the middle of writing I became a little ambitious.
As my notes got longer and covered a wider variety of topics, I thought I might as well make it into a book. Not only have I been meaning to write one, but I am also well aware that my experience parallels that of many other marginalized groups in America right now, some of which might never make it into the history books at all. So, this is my valiant attempt to disrupt the western cis white male tale that is history and historical writing.
This book by no means attempts to play by the rules already established by this field. I have no intentions of using the typical tone, voice, and/or style of most historical literature available to me. Instead, as I learned from the concept of feminist praxis, I aim to elevate the experience of the most marginalized communities using my own personal anecdotes and that of my loved ones. I do this in an attempt to propose an understanding of the confusing world we are currently living in. I dont intend to change your worldview, just to share a little bit about how other people are living in it.
So, hi. My name is Shandira, I am a first generation, queer, afrolatina college student majoring in psychology. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and mild anxiety, and have never published any writing before. I’m a vegetarian, I love to sing and paint and learn. This is how I’m living in the world.


March 31st-June 16th, 2020


Shandira Soto


Boston, MA USA



Shandira Soto, “Quarantine Funtimes,” Connecticut College COVID-19 Archive, accessed October 4, 2022,

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