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Connecticut College COVID-19 Archive

Documenting the Camel Experience





Journal entries and other free-form written reactions to COVID-19

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I had just finished my last final at Connecticut College, and I was alone at my desk. I couldn't go celebrate with my friends, my family was asleep. Late at night, about 11:30PM.

COVID-19 Journal
This is a personal journal of my COVID-19 experience. There is an entry roughly every 2 weeks since not much change from day to day. I went through the same routines and did not do anything out of the ordinary. Every entry usually consists of: the…

At this moment, masks were just starting to be required for the public in the Northeastern United States. Prior to this, masks were only to be worn by healthcare professionals. This shift was scary to watch, as it made the situation more real in our…

At this point, quarantine and self-isolation are the new normal. Everything has become remote, from schools to jobs to even doctor's appointments. Some states are just now beginning to discuss opening back up slowly but are hesitant and wary.

Quarantine Funtimes
The fall of 2019 was my first semester at Connecticut College. That means that I, like most other college students, had to finish my first spring semester of college from my medium sized room in my family's apartment in Boston.
From here, I did the…

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