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Connecticut College COVID-19 Archive

Documenting the Camel Experience

Contribute Materials

Use the form below to submit your digital documentation of COVID-19 as experienced by the Connecticut College community.

Before contributing materials please read the full Terms and Conditions.

You can submit journal entries (text, audio, video); photos; screenshots of social media posts; interviews with colleagues, friends and family; drawings; stories; poems; or music, dance, or spoken-word performances.

Tell us what is different now. How are you adjusting to remote teaching, learning, and working? How do you stay connected to the College, your classmates, colleagues, and friends? What is your new living, studying, or office situation like? How are you caring for yourself? Have you started any new activities or hobbies? What concerns do you have about the future?

Material you submit must be your own. You must have permission from any content co-creators, such as interview subjects, prior to submitting. You have the option to keep your name private if you wish.

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