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Connecticut College COVID-19 Archive

Documenting the Camel Experience

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About this Project

The Connecticut College Archives collects and preserves materials that document ALL of the College's history–whether it was 100 years ago or last week. The College's fourth year, 1918-1919, was disrupted by outbreaks of both influenza and diphtheria. A century later, we know about the campus quarantines that year through diaries, photographs and newspapers that have survived in the College Archives. Now, as most of the community is away from campus, the Archives aims to collect and preserve evidence of this equally important time.

It's rare to recognize something is historic as it's happening, but as we cope with the COVID-19 global public health crisis it is clear we are all living and making history right now. This moment in time is an important part of Connecticut College history and the history of the world at large. Researchers and future Camels will want to know how we experienced it. The Lear Center thanks you for helping to document and preserve this extraordinary moment through your contributions to this project.

This site is one part of our effort to capture the impact of COVID-19 on the Connecticut College community. We are also collecting the College's official reaction and response through campus announcements, websites, and social media accounts.

The views expressed on this site are the contributers' own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Lear Center or Connecticut College.