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Remote Internship


Remote Internship


At this point, quarantine and self-isolation are the new normal. Everything has become remote, from schools to jobs to even doctor's appointments. Some states are just now beginning to discuss opening back up slowly but are hesitant and wary.


May 8, 2020




Newtown, CT, USA


This summer I was supposed to have an internship to prepare myself for the Pathways internship next year. I had applied to an art museum as an event coordinator and was very excited about it. I spent months working on my application and resume, asking multiple people to review them and provide feedback. I submitted the materials in early March, a few weeks before the country declared a national emergency. After months of waiting for a response, it was extremely disappointing to learn that the program had been canceled due to COVID-19. It made sense to close the program, as the museum was not even open, but it still hurt.

By now, most places remain closed to avoid the spread of the virus so internships are hard to come by. The only reason I can speculate as to how I found another internship is luck.

This internship has been converted to be completely online and all the work is planned to be done through video conferences and emails. I will be converting historical records into Excel spreadsheets and then transferring it to the internship coordinator. It's not the experience I was originally hoping for, but I am grateful to have found something.

It's interesting to see how people cope and adapt to situations. Most businesses and schools are now operating through video calls and online work. It has been rumored that the business class on airlines may soon disappear or at least decrease after this crisis is over because so many companies are now realizing the usefulness of applications like Zoom. Some companies are even considering withdrawing their lease for office space rentals after the pandemic, choosing to instead continue working from home to save money.

The world has definitely changed since COVID-19 in more ways than one and will likely not return to how it was before. This is the new normal.



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