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Connecticut College COVID-19 Archive

Documenting the Camel Experience

Oliver Holmes '20, Psychology major


Oliver Holmes '20, Psychology major


Conn was not always my favorite place, but damn if I don't miss it like hell right now.


April 8, 2020


Annapolis, Maryland, United States


Did you change your spring break plans because of the virus? From what to what?
Trip to Cape Cod with my friendly to uh...sitting at home studying for the MCAT.

How did you feel when you were informed the remainder of the semester would be held online?
I was incredibly disappointing, even though I knew it was for the greater good. It was difficult knowing that all of the plans I had laid out in the second semester of my senior year were simply...gone.

Where are you living for the rest of the semester? How did you feel about leaving campus? Or what's it like remaining on campus?
I'm staying at home, which is fine. But I did not even get the chance to pack myself up in time due to travel bans. I wish I could express how weird it feels to just...stay here. It's one of most empty experiences. That's how I feel. Empty.

What has been your experience with moving classes online? What's good? What's not so good?
Honestly, I am having no real issues with online classes. I think they are going really well. It is different of course, but definitely doable. Major props to the faculty.

How has the virus (and the precautions taken to prevent it spreading) impacted your daily life?
Well, I essentially don't leave the house now which is super fun, considering I have divorced parents and they both want to see me. So...quite a bit, considering normally I would be traveling all over the place.

How worried are you about getting the virus?
I am remaining pretty locked down, my main concerns regard my family.

Do you know anyone who has gotten COVID-19?
Friends of friends, but nobody in my immediate life.

Are you staying in? What are you doing to pass the time?
Homework mostly, reorganizing my room, reading Star Wars novels.

Are you going out? Where do you go and what is it like?
When I drive (rarely) it is so quiet. I do not go to stores unless I have to, and when I do people look around warily and with palpable fear. However, there is a sense of determination and kindness that we all show to each other even when we are scared.

What is giving you hope and/or strength right now?
Honestly, the thought that when things become slightly more normal I may be able to make up for lost time with friends from college. I miss them so much.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about what you're feeling or experiencing right now?
Conn was not always my favorite place, but damn if I don't miss it like hell right now.


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