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Connecticut College COVID-19 Archive

Documenting the Camel Experience

Isabella Sorrenti '22, Art History and Classical Studies major


Isabella Sorrenti '22, Art History and Classical Studies major


My friends and I have started to virtually "go to the library" in which we all Face Time and do homework.


April 8, 2020


Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States


Did you change your spring break plans because of the virus? From what to what?
Not really, I was planning on just going home and that is what I ended up doing. The biggest changes were not being able to visit my friends and being forced to move out of my dorm room.

How did you feel when you were informed the remainder of the semester would be held online?
I was really sad and worried because I would not be able to have my own space to work anymore and the support network of my friends would be harder to access. I was also not sure how this would work for student with unreliable wifi or little to no access to technology.

Where are you living for the rest of the semester? How did you feel about leaving campus? Or what's it like remaining on campus?
I am going between my step mothers and my dad's which is hard because in both houses multiple people are working at anytime and it is cramped and hard to find a private space to go to class. I am very sad about leaving campus and it almost feels as though it should be summer break, but I continue to have classes and stay inside.

What has been your experience with moving classes online? What's good? What's not so good?
Considering the circumstances, I think that all of my classes have adapted pretty well. Thankfully none of my classes are too big, so we are able to conduct Zoom classes relatively smoothly. The larger issue is how tired I am after spending so much time staring at my computer screen. I have also found it is hard to motivate myself and maintain my routine now that I am not at school. It is nice to be able to have access to the recordings of my classes online, but I would much rather be in class.

How has the virus (and the precautions taken to prevent it spreading) impacted your daily life?
The biggest impact has been moving off campus to remotely complete my classes. Now instead of going to classes and working and hanging out with my friends, I sit in the office chair and go to class and do homework. My friends and I have started to virtually "go to the library" in which we all Face Time and do homework. This provides us with a sense of normality and also gives us the accountability to do our work.

How worried are you about getting the virus?
I am worried but I also know deep down that I will most likely get it. Although I have not gone out of the house much, every time my throat tickles or I cough I am worried that I may have it. Because of the nature of the virus and the long incubation period it is very scary. If, or when, I do get it, I feel that I most likely would be okay but I do have asthma and other young people have died from COVID-19. I also really do not want to pass it onto other people, such as my mom or dad.

Do you know anyone who has gotten COVID-19?
I know people through other people who have gotten COVID-19, but I feel that it is only a matter of time before someone directly connected to me contracts it.

Are you staying in? What are you doing to pass the time?
I am staying in and I try to take my dog for multiple walks a day around our street to get some fresh air. I have been doing some arts and crafts, such as collaging, knitting, and drawing to pass the time. My family has also taken up playing Dungeons and Dragons and doing puzzles. Naps are also nice, I take a lot more naps.

Are you going out? Where do you go and what is it like?
I have never been more excited to go grocery shopping because the grocery stores are really the only place to go. It is unsettling to walk into Stop and Shop and see everyone in masks with the shelves where toilet paper is supposed to be empty, ans signs hung that say "due to limited supply, two per customer." I feel like I am living in an alternate reality, nothing really feels real.

What is giving you hope and/or strength right now?
Reading about the kind acts that people are doing is helping, as well as reading the updates on projections for the peak of the pandemic. One of the hardest parts for me is not knowing when this is all ending. The world always moves on, with or without me or us and as scary as that is, it give me some sense of stability.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about what you're feeling or experiencing right now?
I am interested to see the impact of this on the world. What will life be like when this has settled? Will travel be more restricted? Also, how will the election be impacted by this. This is a scary time and I feel as though peoples true colors are shining through.


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