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Connecticut College COVID-19 Archive

Documenting the Camel Experience





Images, videos and audio depicting life during the pandemic

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Covid19 reality
Signage in front of the Crozier-Williams Center of Connecticut College thanking those working on site.

Meal drop-off for isolated student
Sign on a cooler used to provide food to a Connecticut College student quarantined on campus

After Conn transitioned to online learning, I moved to Maine where I began to intern at a healthcare startup. My boss was gracious to offer one of his houses to me for the rest of the semester. A lot of my friends went back home but India cancelled…

This is my camel correspondent video, in which I discuss the disruption of my study abroad, what Covid-19 was like in Morocco, and my evacuation home on a State Department chartered flight

Academic Buildings are Closed
Sign on the main entrance to Shain Library informing visitors the campus is closed. Similar signs are placed on other buildings around the college.

Move-out Checklist
Sign placed by facilities management on a dorm room after the student moved out on April 8, 2020.

Enter at Your Own Risk
The Benham Avenue entrance to Connecticut College with sign posted informing that the College is closed

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